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  • Fruit of the Spirit Bundle


    Is your family learning about the Fruit of the Spirit? This bundle is the way to go! Get all nine studies that cover each of the 9 Fruits of the Spirit, with our Fruits of the Spirit Brain Bites, too! The Fruit of the Spirit Bundle is an engaging and comprehensive Bible study resource for middle schoolers and upper elementary kids, providing in-depth teachings on the nine fruits of the spirit through activities, study tools, journal pages, and the Fruit of the Spirit Brain Bites learning placemats.

    This is a digital download that you must print at your convenience. You will not receive a physical print copy from us.

  • Brain Bites Placemats: Learn About Easter for Elementary Kids


    Brain Bites Placemats are a great way to infuse feeding our bodies with feeding our brains! The Brain Bites Placemats: Learn About Easter for Elementary Kids is a great way to introduce and cultivate a Christ-centered Easter celebration with your family.

    The “Learn About Easter” set has 4 placemats, one for each of the 4 weeks leading up to Easter Sunday with 1 page each week for narration and storytelling- 8 pages total. The weeks cover; “What is Easter?, “Celebrating Easter”, “Easter Facts”, and “Easter Traditions”. At the end of the packet, you will find a list of companion content that represents the Easter season with books, songs, videos, podcasts, and other resources!

  • Hymn Brain Bites


    Our Brain Bites Mats are bite-sized pieces of knowledge that kiddos can munch on at mealtime. Meant for placemats (don’t forget to laminate), daily reading and learning about hymns is a great way to introduce timeless Christian messaging to your children! History and Lyrics of hymns like “Jesus Loves Me”, “Oh How I Love Jesus”,…

  • Celebration & Holiday Brain Bites


    Brain Bites Mats are printable placemats that cover educational topics. They’re a great way to keep your kids learning, even during mealtime!

    The Celebration Brain Bites includes 21 pages of educational placemats that cover at least one holiday in each month of the year. Print them on durable paper and laminate them for continued use!