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  • Organizing Digital Resources Bundle


    You’ve bought the homeschool resources, you’ve claimed that freebie, and you’ve nabbed that bundle- now what? How do you organize these digital resources so that you can best utilize them in your homeschool? Learn about the Inventory System- inventorying your arsenal of digital resources so that you know what you have and you can find…

  • Build Your Own Unit Study


    Build Your Own Unit Study is designed to help you create an engaging and effective unit study that will cater to your child’s unique interests, learning style, and educational goals. By crafting your own unit studies, you have the opportunity to ignite a love for learning, foster interdisciplinary connections, and cultivate a deeper understanding of the world around us. Get ready for an adventure of educational exploration and creativity!

  • Build Your Own Nature Study


    Build Your Own Nature Study will inspire you and provide you with the tools and resources to
    create your very own nature study adventures. By delving into the wonders of the natural world,
    your children will deepen their understanding of the environment and develop valuable skills. Get
    ready to embark on an enriching learning experience!

  • 5 Bible Study Bundle


    Studying the Bible looks different for every Christian, but it is equally important for all. Using 5 popular Bible Study Methods, we’ve created FIVE different Bible Studies to help encourage you to study your Bible.Use them individually, or combine them to make your own study! Includes; Inductive, Verse Mapping, S.O.A.P., Topical, and Character Studies. Note:…

  • STUDY for Adults Description


    According to a study by Pew Research Center in 2017, 45% of Christians admitted to never, or seldomly, reading their Bibles. Yet, so much physical and spiritual warfare has been waged over this sacred book that Christians take for granted. Let this resource propel you into a closer walk with God as you learn effective…

  • P.R.A.Y. Study for Adults


    When should we pray? How should we pray? Why do we pray? Answer these questions, and so many more, through this P.R.A.Y. Study for Adults. Using this acronym, we’ll dive into what the Bible says about prayer and how our example from Jesus on prayer (The Lord’s Prayer) teaches us how to go to God…

  • Bible Reading Checklist by Topic


    Need a starting point in your Bible reading? Looking for encouragement or inspiration? Learning about different Biblical themes? Let us help! This Bible Reading Checklist is a great way to learn about Biblical Miracles, Raising Children, Forgiveness, Character, Commands, and more! Note: This is a digital product. No physical products will be mailed to you.

  • Resource List for Teaching Kids about Christ


    One of the greatest responsibilities of Christian parents is to raise little ones who love God and who desire to fulfill His will for them. But tiny human discipling is hard! These tools and resources are great ways to help wrap your children up in the Lord in all areas of their lives; worldview, education,…

  • Memorizing Scripture for Adults


    Use these tips and tricks to memorize scripture so that you can use it as a tool in your Christian walk! As you learn to memorize scripture, you’ll grow closer to Christ as you identify with His word, love Him more, and share it with others. It will increase your faith, bolster your resolve, and…

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    Biblical Affirmations

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    Organizing Digital Resources Workbook

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    You grabbed that freebie, you bought that digital product, and you nabbed that bundle. Now what? How do you organize all of those digital resources? And a better question, how do you use them all?

    In this standalone workbook, you’ll be introduced to three ways to store and organize those digital resources!

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    Organizing Digital Resources Course Plus

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    The Organizing Your Digital Resources Course is the thing every homeschool mom needs to boost their use of all those digital products they’ve collected over the years. Join Brooke, a homeschool mom of 5 and digital homeschool resource creator, as she gives you great ideas to organize and plan to use those digital resources.