Build Your Own Unit Study


Build Your Own Unit Study is designed to help you create an engaging and effective unit study that will cater to your child’s unique interests, learning style, and educational goals. By crafting your own unit studies, you have the opportunity to ignite a love for learning, foster interdisciplinary connections, and cultivate a deeper understanding of the world around us. Get ready for an adventure of educational exploration and creativity!


By crafting unit studies, you can align the curriculum with your child’s passions and learning style, making learning more engaging, relevant, and enjoyable.

Unit studies allow for flexibility in scheduling, pacing, and depth of exploration. You have the freedom to adjust the study to fit your child’s pace of learning and accommodate any additional interests or activities.

Interdisciplinary Learning:
Unit studies integrate multiple subjects, enabling your child to make connections between different areas of knowledge and develop a holistic understanding of a topic.

Hands-on Learning:
Unit studies provide opportunities for hands-on activities, experiments, field trips, and real-world applications, fostering a deeper comprehension of concepts and enhancing critical thinking skills.

Independent Thinking:
By designing unit studies, you encourage independent thinking and self-directed learning as your child takes ownership of their education and actively engages with the material.


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