Organizing Digital Resources Course Plus

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The Organizing Your Digital Resources Course is the thing every homeschool mom needs to boost their use of all those digital products they’ve collected over the years. Join Brooke, a homeschool mom of 5 and digital homeschool resource creator, as she gives you great ideas to organize and plan to use those digital resources.

You've bought the homeschool resources, you've claimed that freebie, and you've nabbed that bundle- now what? How do you organize these digital resources so that you can best utilize them in your homeschool?

Learn about the Inventory System- inventorying your arsenal of digital resources so that you know what you have and you can find it when you need it!

Learn about the top three methods of storing your resources in prep for use. What's the best way for you?

And BONUS CONTENT: Learn how to use Google Classroom and Homeschool Planet for planning to use that digital content in your homeschool!


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