Brain Bites Placemats: Learn About Easter for Elementary Kids


Brain Bites Placemats are a great way to infuse feeding our bodies with feeding our brains! The Brain Bites Placemats: Learn About Easter for Elementary Kids is a great way to introduce and cultivate a Christ-centered Easter celebration with your family.

The “Learn About Easter” set has 4 placemats, one for each of the 4 weeks leading up to Easter Sunday with 1 page each week for narration and storytelling- 8 pages total. The weeks cover; “What is Easter?, “Celebrating Easter”, “Easter Facts”, and “Easter Traditions”. At the end of the packet, you will find a list of companion content that represents the Easter season with books, songs, videos, podcasts, and other resources!

Brain Bites are placemats your children use weekly to learn more about a specific topic or theme. The name “Brain Bites” comes from the idea of making small chunks of content consumable to the brain. While they’re feeding their bodies, they are also feeding the mind.

Our Brain Bites Mats help to bring about family conversation, and togetherness while keeping kids from asking to consume other content like television or electronics during mealtime. Not only are Brain Bites Mats a great way to keep your kids learning, but they’re also a practical addition to your mealtime routine. Whether you are sitting down for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, have a Brain Bites Mat on hand. With these fun and informative placemats, your kids will never want to leave the table!

Each Brain Bites Mat features a variety of bite-sized pieces of knowledge that cover topics including science, math, history, the Bible, and more. With colorful illustrations and engaging facts, these mats are sure to capture your child’s attention and stimulate their curiosity!

TIP: Brain Bites Placemats hold up best if you laminate them after printing so they hold up to spillage and multiple uses.


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